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Fun parties need fun art!

Everyone loves parties, but planning one can be a pain. The idea of PartiArti came about when sheishelen wanted to throw a party that had a TV show theme. With limited reference sources, ideas, and partywares, she discovered the inconvenience and frustration in trying to plan a party that required specific items and pieces. Being a graphic designer, she thought... why not design her own materials?

PartiArti offers a "readi-to-parti" box of pop-culture themed party goods that is personalised to the occasion and individual that you wish to celebrate, along with an ideas guide that saves you the hassle of searching for inspiration online. Fun parties not only need fun art, but also a stress-free host who can find fun in planning too!

The PartiArti team includes...
sheishelen: Founder & Creative Director
itsallwinnie : Marketing Manager

... as well as many fun and talented people we are lucky to get to work with.

Grace Costa Photographer : Photographer (All party themes photoshoots)